Berlin Diaries: The Big Moon

If you’ve been looking for a scintillating new earworm, turn on any song from The Big Moon’s debut album Love in the 4th Dimension, and you’ll understand within a few seconds why they’re one of our new favourite bands. And for these sweet melodies and robust guitar rifts, we owe it all to… strawberries?

“Juliette was looking to start a band and was like, ‘do you wanna be in my band? I’ll give you some strawberries,” bassist Celia Archer says. “Then, the four of us got together, and she said ‘okay, I’ll give you the strawberries after we record the album,’ so she is finally delivering on that promise – over two years later.”

“Now it’s like: what do we ask for next?” asks guitarist Soph Nathann with a sly grin.

First, let’s get through the band’s first-ever headlining tour – which, if you see them on stage, you’d never believe. These girls bring an energy and magnetism with them that you know means they have a pure, unfiltered passion for the music they’re playing.

“If I could tell my fourteen-year-old self what we were doing now, like the fact we made an album and are touring the world, she wouldn’t believe it,” admits Celia. “We did a tour of record shops and played for people who pre-ordered the album, and there was one girl in Manchester who’d stayed up until midnight the night of the release and listened to every song, so that when she saw us two days later, she could sing along to every song.”

“It’s so weird to think people have that relationship to us, because we’re just in it thinking ‘oh this is what we do,’ and it’s like the same way we used to look up to bands and wait for concert tickets or album releases, people are doing for us now,” vocalist/guitarist Juliette Jackson adds.

Once they move passed the initial weird-ness, though, they can actually begin to enjoy it.

“I like when I see people making out during our songs,” Celia says.

“Or that a couple might have one of our songs as like their song,” says Jules. “That’s really bonkers.”

The consensus for what Jules has to bribe the girls with next landed on chocolate covered strawberries (far more decadent), and we sincerely hope she comes through so we can hear more from these gals.

Love In The 4th Dimension is out now via Fiction Records