A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photographer Alexei Kostromin captured male model Nick Davydov. Production & styling by Anna Guseva. Make up Yana Kavalerchik. All fashion pieces in this shoot are made by the hands of a team of stylists. Not a single piece of clothing was involved in the shooting. Only paper, textiles, rubber, mesh, balloons and a lot of love.

«Blinding. Clothes can change your shape and size. Clothes can express you and also hide you. Is there a person or only a form in a blinding light?»

Producing & styling by Anna Guseva / / Instagram: @guseva_stylist
Photographer Alexei Kostromin / / Instagram: @kostromin
Model Nick Davydov / Instagram: @apathetie
Make up Yana Kavalerchik / / Instagram: @kavalerchikyana
Style team:
Anastasia Scortseni from @gooseva_komanda
Anastasia Klinovaya / Instagram: @neeeeesty from @gooseva_komanda
Spacial thanks to Spin4spin / / Instagram: @spin4spin