Bone Idle – Dare To Care

#Lookbook – Bone Idle – a streetwear brand-cosmopolite released a newly updated lookbook, which promotes reconsideration of the final items’ designation and gender-free use policy. The concept of the new work has been brought from the main brand’s guidelines which stand for smart consumption, unisex vision and reflective minimalism.

The brand developed new items extending its off-season line, where you will find traditional oversized silhouettes in combination with smart-casual execution. The clothing range was updated with a patch jersey dress, skirt, “boyfriend’s blazer”, top-bustier, “genderless white shirt”, ripped sweater and involved natural fabrics use, – silk and cashmere.
With every new release Bone Idle keeps reminding about the idea of manifesting individual identity. Each item will be featured a unique production code which is supporting the limited production approach and exclusivity – the core attributes of the brand. Thus, each design will be limited in numbers of production, as a key message to the customers about an ethical attitude in the consumption experience.
The details of the implementation of the unique code concept will be provided on the official website as an additional part of the items’ description.
Consumption is no longer only a means of self-expression, but a reflection of your personality with its complexities, ideas, which you stand for in life.
Dare To Care” – is a reminder message for everyone to reconsider the attitude of the purchase and wearing approach, with respect to environmental care and human labour resources.
Lookbook Dare To Care” has been brought to the life in collaboration with Tayler Agency, which was responsible for the visual concept development and implementation.
Shaquille Homalley Tape
Daria Lazareva
Maria Kohut
Vlad Alexeenko
Dmitriy Rudenko
Anastasia Petenko
Kult Studio, Kyiv, Ukraine