Jesus Christ

Book Club #66: Little Book of Big Manliness – The Miniature Homoerotic Artwork of Fernando Carpaneda

Fernando Carpaneda creates sculptures and paintings with aggressive creativity within the punk and homoerotic genres. His diversity celebrating works are included in multiple art collections, galleries, and museums around the world.

Contemporary Art

” Little Book of Big Manliness The Miniature Homoerotic Artwork of Fernando Carpaneda.  Strength and bravery are the two oldest characteristics of what we call manliness. Far far back it was strength to hunt, defend, and provide. Far back it was the bravery to face life and death against nature. Strength is still manliness. Here in the swirling winds of 2020, strength is physical, emotional, and social. Bravery today: Being true to yourself while seeing the world in a different light. What manliness looks like has changed as well.


Fernando Carpaneda once took a knife to the back in his native Brazil for exhibiting his artwork. It is still the art he creates today. He did not stop, his art is more widely known than ever. I think that is pretty damn manly.

Via et veritas et vita

I started working with Fernando on CARPAZINE in 2015. That last bit of writing and editing I did for my first issue was for his “Just Penis” exhibit. It was the most penises I had ever seen in one sitting. I have seen some incredible work over this time. I have to admit to summoning some special strength and bravery in my role as the literal straight man in this duo. I think my personal growth is manly.

When each issue of CARPAZINE is complete, we joke about the balance of sexual organs depicted in the issue (not in those words). Here on the pages of Little Book of Big Manliness : The Miniature Homoerotic Artwork of Fernando Carpaneda there purposely is not balance. These are definitely mostly guys.”

Theodore DeGraff
Writer/ Editor CARPAZINE

Not to mention that Fernando Carpaneda just had two controversial works, selected, for the 2020 Long Island Biennial at The Heckscher Museum of Art. One of the works is called “Homophobia Kills. Case Number 17”, and the other work is called “Jesus Christ”.

The 2020 Long Island Biennial, a juried exhibition featuring exceptional art from contemporary artists across Suffolk and Nassau Counties, received a record 800+  artwork entries, with 100 works selected for exhibition.  The final exhibition represents 52 artists living in Long Island communities stretching from Freeport to Port Washington to Shelter Island Heights. For the first time, most artists will show two or three artworks, presenting viewers with a fuller picture of their recent work.

The exhibition will be on view October 15, 2020 through January 10, 2021″. Learn more HERE

Jesus Christ
Homophobia Kills. Case Number 17

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Instagram: @heckschermuseum