Book Club #74: Tropical by Antonio Eugenio

TROPICAL is a photo book capturing the everyday life on an island through the intimacy of its locals. “Done in Gran Canaria, while my recent stay there, the images talk about youth, holidays and spirituality. But also about spontaneity and the inebriating connection of the ocean with the human body.”

TROPICAL is full of nostalgia. Nostalgia for that time we were allowed to travel. Nostalgia for that time we felt free and without any barriers. TROPICAL is an invitation to fly away and let your spirit travel through the pages of the photo book.

Every pre-order will come with exclusive and personal access to the film showcasing the hidden scenes of the photo book.
a personal password will be sent with the confirmation of the pre-order to have access immediately to the film.

From looks to the skin, touching to style, Antonio finds beauty in those completely intransigent individuals that life rarely breeds. In his words “Beauty lies in the uniqueness of things”.

Inspired by the likes of Ryan McGinley, David Armstrong or Robert Mapplethorpe, Eugenio travelled to London in the year 2014 to follow a Contemporary Photography course at UAL. One year later, he’ll study Fashion Photography with one of the most talented fashion photographers of his generation, Nick Knight.

Working from fashion to art projects, Eugenio’s work has been exhibited in London and Brussels and published in Purple magazine, L’Officiel Hommes, Numéro NL, Schon, Hunger, Wonderland and King Kong to name a few of them.

Clients include PINK Shirtmaker, Shiseido, Garnier, GLAMOUR, Roker Atelier, Casual Fitters… Antonio Eugenio currently lives in London and works between London, Paris and Milan.