Book Club #80: KING’S GAMBIT by Dalibor Jakus

«An original read on timeless beauty and refinement. To awaken your inner Oscar Wilde.» King’s Gambit by Dalibor Jakus is an unconventional and original collection of short stories in which the author expounds his impressions of the world. A daring combination of diary entries and essays stemming from his blog has been complemented by highly aestheticised photographs and illustrations, and its form and melody reminisce of poetry in prose.

Dalibor Jakus @daliborj

The author’s language is personal, baroquely lavish and flamboyant, not in the slightest similar to classic diary manuscripts.

He adeptly toys with the global trends of self-actualisation, creative and collective breakdown and the modern-day position of a writer, taking inspiration from literary outsiders and bohemian cornerstones of the Beat generation.

This book is 252 pages and holds a collection of over 115 images and illustrations following the author’s perspective on contemporary masculinity in very personal short stories.

Book King’s gambit is available for order on Publisher’s web page:

Price: 26,5 € / 252 pages

Cover Image: Jon Domez de la Peña by Diego Sánchez Bruno

Translator: Ivana Ostojčić
Language of edition: Croatian / English
Publisher: Znanje, Croatia
Format: 135 x 205 mm
Number of pages: 252 pages

About the author

Dalibor Jakus graduated with a degree in Entomology from the University of Zagreb, where he subsequently attended a post-graduate course in Public Relations. Having acquired a substantial experience in prestigious marketing and PR agencies, he embarked upon the world of freelancing as a PR and media relations specialist. His chief concern are projects from the field of animation, film industry, theatre and independent performance arts. He is a blog editor, author of many essays and articles about PR, culture and new media, and a lecturer on communications and creative industries management.