Borbonese Spring/Summer 2024 – La Galleria

Turin, circa 1916. A Visionary Collaboration Transforms the Mundane into Artistic Magic! In a dazzling display of artistic brilliance, a renowned creative force of the Futurism movement ventured into uncharted territory, lending his extraordinary ethos to the realms of design. A few years after its inception in 1910, Borbonese, a luxury handbag brand, it solidified its connection to the art world through a remarkable collaboration with Giacomo Balla, an iconic cultural figure.

Fast forward to Milan, September 2023. Flash Art, a celebrated haven for contemporary art in the city, takes the harmonious dialogue between Borbonese and the art world to exhilarating new heights. Dorian Tarantini and Matteo Mena, the masterminds behind Borbonese’s enchanting creations, stealthily infiltrate the captivating halls of the revered Palazzo Durini. With them, they bring a clash of sophistication and irreverence, an exploration of legacy and modernity that leaves a lasting impression.

Against a backdrop of ethereal artworks suspended from trees and adorning the ceiling of the illustrious palazzo, a mesmerizing ambience takes shape. Complete with a Koi carp-inhabited pond and a captivatingly bold underground pool, Borbonese’s spring/summer 2024 accessories gracefully engage in a captivating conversation with the space itself. This architectural masterpiece seamlessly blends bourgeois and avant-garde elements, custom-tailored for the occasion with exquisite OP detailing. Additionally, Borbonese joins forces with Flash Art to select Ambra Castagnetti, a prominent Italian female artist represented by Galleria Francesca Minini, whose awe-inspiring artworks perfectly complement the brand’s vision.

Bursting with the youthful vitality of femininity and feminism, sustainability, corporeality and mutation, and the ever-present tension between humanity and nature, Ambra Castagnetti’s voice echoes throughout the exhibition. Her multidimensional works, such as hybrid sculptures, captivating videos, immersive installations, and thought-provoking performances, intertwine realms of poetry and politics, blurring the lines between reality and fiction.

Inspired by the evocative lexicon of this visionary artist, Dorian Tarantini and Matteo Mena embark on a progressive creative journey through the vast expanse of Borbonese’s contrasts and frictions. Drawing inspiration from the brand’s century-old archives, they use them as a powerful launchpad to infuse the collection with a multi-faceted soul that is destined to transfix.

The iconic “La Nido” bag is central to the collection, a stunning addition to the brand’s lexicon. Paying homage to the revolutionary spirit that ignited the Luna style back in 1969 to commemorate the monumental moon landing, this masterpiece seamlessly blends intricate crocheted details, sustainable and recycled fabrics, and Borbonese’s signature OP pattern or solid colourways. The result: a delicately sinuous shape, alluringly rounded, and generously proportioned, with the metallic snap-hook serving as a singular, captivatingly sharp accent.

Meanwhile, the “Capri” lineup playfully transports us back to the early Aughts, evoking a sense of nostalgia and carefree spirit. Crafted from recycled nylon and calfskin, these minuscule wonders exude effortless elegance in a stunning array of playful colours, including a mesmerizing cold pink hue. The iconic stirrup hardware, rendered in a matte and tonal finish, adds a distinctive touch of sophistication. Not to be outdone, the “Lover” range offers a fresh interpretation of the beloved hobo Luna bag. Crafted from recycled fabric drenched in aquatic shades, this iteration boasts oversized knots that gracefully support the shoulder strap, delivering a bold statement of modernity.

Step inside Borbonese’s captivating spring/summer exhibition, where every creation holds a story, a testament to the brand’s rich heritage. As you enter the enchanted courtyard of Flash Art, be prepared to be mesmerized by the “Heritage” collection, beautifully crafted from OP suede and OP-coated canvas. It elegantly pays homage to the bourgeoisie roots of the esteemed house, showcasing stunning pieces such as the “Oyster” hobo bag, the timeless “Bucket Bag,” and the original, ever-iconic “Luna” design. Witness firsthand the unbridled creative elan that continues to infuse Borbonese’s every endeavour.

After the exhilarating vernissage on September 20, Borbonese’s awe-inspiring “La Galleria” exhibition at Flash Art inside Palazzo Durini will warmly welcome the public from September 21 to 24. As a grand finale, prepare for a captivating wrap-up performance by the talented Ambra Castagnetti, where artistic boundaries dissolve, and dreams intertwine with reality.

This extraordinary event promises to be a feast for the senses, an exploration of art’s perennial allure, unified effortlessly with the world of luxury handbags. Join us on this remarkable journey, where the past converges with the future, and creativity knows no boundaries.