I was put on this earth! Botanic & Expressionism by Reiner Heidorn

“In my large scaled oilpaintings, I focus on botanic, plants, resolution in nature and digitally. I ́ve managed to transfer the pointillism of microscope images from plants and freshwater into modern expressionism.

I also have a series with narrative translations of cells and neurons, and conjunction between modern expressionism and Asian manga style. I want to show mental positions in landscapes, without painting any trees, skies or horizons. My own technique with a certain resolution of the canvases into borderless spaces should remember of places someone has been at or has seen in a dream.

I want to step behind my artworks, my own ego is not appearing in any of them, they are reduced to a unique feeling of existence. Indeed is the current discussion of climate change a reason to stay green and show a connection to our environment, to the smallest parts of our planet. So I found the universe in a pond.”

www.reinerheidorn.com // www.instagram.com/reinerheidorn