Bounding Spaces by Anna Dienemann

Introducing the work of Anna Dienemann, a recent fashion graduate from Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands.  We would like to draw your attention to Anna´s Graduation Project “Bounding Spaces”, which Anna started to develop during the first lockdown in March this year.

It’s a playful fashion-driven answer to the current crisis


“The pandemic we experience in the now is reshaping our lives in unexpected ways and social distancing will stay as an evident rule in public spaces for a long time to come. I believe this will create a challenge for us to appropriately dress in public when being surrounded by many people.
“Bounding spaces” is a collection of size compressible accessories. The accessories playfully adapt to the new circumstance by transforming right on the body into a distance keeper to naturally create inaccessible space around you and to protect you.

In one move, the accessories release into wearable spaces of abstract shapes. Large splotched patterns of natural and vibrant tones become visible and add an urban feel on a soft, durable surface. The shapes contrasting outlines, are framing your personal space and indicate others to keep distant.
As the situation seems to be here to stay, it demands solutions that adapt to it. BoundingSpaces gives a fashion-driven answer with a playful approach to the fact that we will have to keep distance in public for longer.”

“I’m Anna, recently graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands. In my creative work, I’m exploring the intersection of fashion and identity through an interdisciplinary lens.
I’m highly inspired by cultural trends and fashion as a reflection of the current and future society. I see my work as an aesthetical expression of personal experiences and instinctive fascinations around me, built by my visual language through material and colour.

As a fashion designer, I was always interested in transforming mechanisms. How can an accessory transform into a whole garment? This question really triggered me for a long time.
When the pandemic started, it felt so natural to further elaborate on my interest. I’m fascinated by using second-hand products to give them a new life by redesigning their use. I’ve found a pop-up tent, which inspired me to translate the mechanism into a wearable piece. I got the idea to create a distance keeper out of it.

With my project “Bounding Spaces” I want to give a playful and fun approach to the current situation, through creating a size transformable accessory line. The pieces add something to an outfit while creating awareness to keep a distance. There are many ways to adapt to the new normal and I feel fashion should definitely be one of them.”

Photography by Anna Dienemann / / @beeefdesign

Photography:  Anna Dienemann / / @beeefdesign

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