boys DO cry

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography and Retouching by Eliot Oppenheimer. Model is Mika Jenewien, represented by Muse Men NYC. Styling by Marcus Elliott. Hair and Makeup by Manana Saralidze. Special Thanks to Dylan MacDonald. Fashion by Calvin Klein, COS, All Saints, Top Boy London, Top Man, GG Social Club, Purple Passion, Zara, TopShop, MANGO, UNIQLO, Doc Martens, Marigold Shadows and Hanes.

Photography and Retouching by Eliot Oppenheimer / /
Model is Mika Jenewien / / @jeneweinster
Represented by Muse Men NYC / / @musemennyc
Styling by Marcus Elliott / / @marcusjameselliott
Hair and Makeup by Manana Saralidze / / @manalidze
Special Thanks to Dylan MacDonald / / @dustylens_

Eliot Eliot Oppenheimer is an Australian-American artist, specializing in fashion & beauty photography. He is from Los Angeles, and currently based in New York City. Once purely a film photographer, Eliot has learned to embrace digital photography in his exploration of the medium, and will utilize any means possible to capture his images.

Eliot’s intentions with his photography are to highlight the intrinsic beauty of all his subjects with imagery that adapts classical style with modern enlightenment, and engages people with the deeper meanings of his concepts. Hoping to expose the viewer to an inclusive view of attraction. Whether the viewers grasp his intention, or simply enjoy their own interpretation, he hopes their relationship with the imagery will inspire them in their own lives.