BTS Laudable’s For The Record photography by Elijah Ndoumbé

Thandi_Gula © Elijah Ndoumbé

For The Record is a track of its times – young artists of colour from various backgrounds coming together to cypher on the realities of their lived experience. The song came out of an organic collaboration between Cape Town-based producer and rapper Laudable, and musical artists Samurai Farai, Būjin, and eND.

FTR’s multi-varied offerings mélange hip-hop sounds in new ways while recalling artists like J. Cole, Left Eye, J Dilla, and Golden Era vibes reminiscent of early Jill Scott. Following its recording, eND AKA Elijah Ndoumbé, worked with DOP Thandi Gula-Ndebele to create the music video. The visuals follow a similar theme to the music, collectively and effortlessly crafted through artistic practice and creative flow – the intention was to be present for the process. The following photos were taken on 120mm film by Elijah Ndoumbé, chronicle moments in the time taken behind the scene throughout the day of the shoot.

eND AKA Elijah Ndoumbé © Thandi Gula-Ndebele
Būjin, BTS in Studio. Published originally in BubblegumClub (© Elijah Ndoumbé)

Photography and words by Elijah Ndoumbé.


Photographer: Elijah Ndoumbé
Direct of Photography (Music Video): Thandi Gula-Ndebele
Editor: (Music Video): Elijah Ndoumbé
Song Production: Laudable
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Biographies (Provided by Artists)
eND AKA Elijah Ndoumbé is a Queer and Trans performance artist of color, photographer, filmmaker, and writer whose senses strive towards embodied ways of moving through. They thrive in creative connection.
Instagram: @elijahndoumbe
Laudable is a defense mechanism or revenge tactic invented by his host. Laudable plays the role of the hip hop purist. He never wears a mask.
Instagram: @laudable101
Būjin is sonic producer
sonics | sound arts
instrumentalist ≅ SA
Instagram: @buu.jinn
A growing light, an artist, a medium, a composition & influence.
Instagram: @samurai_farai
Thandi Gula-Ndebele
Instagram: @thandi_gula

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