Buscemi 100mm High Top Rose Gold Sneaker

Must Have Of The Day! We are in LOVE with the new Buscemi 100mm High Top Rose Gold Sneaker. Jon Buscemi has released a Rose Gold colorway for a marginally more muted look. Handcrafted in Civitanove, Italy, this silhouette has an upper of engineered full-grain metallic leather with lining and footbed of vachetta leather.



The Magrom sole is heat-treated with matching tonal paint to reduce wear, and is hand-painted in matching metallic gold finish. The shoe comes with an 18k gold lock and key that are fully functional, as well as a heel pull done in the style of a leather handbag handle. Part with $1,245 USD of your money for these shoes at KITH.

100mm_rose_top 100mm_rose_front 100mm_rose_back 100mm_rose_3qtr

Seen at: www.hypebeast.com

Buscemi is an American luxury brand conceptualized from high-end fantasy. The products derived in this fantasy stem from Jon’s decades of experiences in luxury culture, travel and retail consumption. Jon is a consumer first and designer second.

Contact: hjonbuscemi.com / @Facebook