C Boy Releases New Single ‘Off Di Light’ Alongside Impeccable Fashion Short

London based Nu-African artist C Boy comes through with new single ‘Off Di Light’, alongside short fashion film celebrating the true essence of black beauty through sound, movement and art. Premiered by Wonderland ‘Off Di Light’ is a smooth, indulgent track giving nods towards contemporary afro-swing but truly in a class of its own. The track and fashion short alike celebrate the beauty of black culture with C Boy opening the film with “Black is beautiful. Black is forever”. It is truly a work of perfection while also paying homage to the worlds universal language and the art cemented into his roots, music. With the short fashion film in collaboration with creative content agency THRDS who specialise in weaving digital content and subcultures together, the imagery Is glossy, hypnotic and polished giving us a look at the scene through auburn-tinted lenses. The spellbinding film is a stunning execution of black beauty and Nu-Africa and an excellent representation of C Boy’s musical trajectory. 

Directed by Andre Humphrey-Modeste | Written by C Boy | Cinematography by Chris West | Style by Symone Keisha | Stylist Assistant by Benita Nwagwu | Model One: Sasha V | Model Two: Chizoba | Model Three: Ryesha Higgs | Talent: C Boy | Makeup artist by Olivia Cochrane | Hair Stylist by Rianna Henry | Gaffer by Harry Wood | Song by C Boy | Backstage and VHS filming by Devpal Sehmi | Production assistant: Silvia Tonellist | Production assistant: Mac | Catering by Vegan Spot | Studio: THRDS STUDIO | Produced by THRDS.AGENCY

Alongside his musical feats and interest in the arts, C Boy also runs his own independent brand TWALE Records which puts an emphasis on celebrating Nu-Africa. TWALE Records pays tribute to its origins and hones-in on the beauty of life through fashion, music and movement while completely encapsulating creativity. “In a time where their world was being turned upside down, music has served as an escape and form of communication/expression for early black communities. The ability of music to act as a binding factor provides all cultures with a strong sense of connectivity.” explains C Boy.

This is a truly outstanding first release from C Boy and with a strong and solid team around him, an incredible eye for art and sound as well as unshakeable drive to create a life for his family – we can only dream of what’s to come next.