Caged Bodies

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial. Photography by Daria Lee. Models are Ivan Molchanov and Yevgeniya Turovska. Styling by Anna Matviichuk. Make up by Alexandra Stepantsova. Brands are Kata Haratym, Zara, Lloid, Jones New York, Gabor, Pavilon Vintage Classics, Vika Adamskaya, Onoma, C&A, Vero Cuoio.

The shooting “Caged Bodies”, despite the metaphorical name, is about freedom. About choosing yourself, your desires and self-expression.

We declare that any gender is the nature of a person, not the ideology of others.
How often have we heard “be a man” or “girls don’t behave that way”?
Female traits are described as emotionality, humility and modesty, male, on the other side — cold-blooded, uncompromising and leading. Such statements support the stereotype of “typical” gender behaviour.

People around us decide how to look, what to wear, and how loudly to answer questions. Throughout our life, our body is a subject of regular evaluation and approval. After all, then you will be normal and won’t be judged. But not every man wants to be bold and rude. And not all the girls plan to wait for “the only” who will solve their problems.

The stereotype becomes a kind of a cage. We hide our desires and prevent them from breaking through the bars of public censure. The rules say a pink corridor for girls, a blue one — for boys.
In recent decades fashion has been based on breaking gender stereotypes. From year to year, we see that clothing is a reflection of our personality and not a mask for the others. Isn’t it strange that masculinity or femininity still depends on the style or pattern on the fabric?
The purpose of this shoot is to show that a person is much more than a list of physical characteristics. This isn’t a set of parameters given by nature and not a soulless item that can be easily moved to a convenient category.

Gender is not a choice between two options, it’s a spectrum. You can’t get rid of it or change it. It is comparable to temper, sexual orientation, or unconscious reactions. And the place in the spectrum will be different for each individual.

Our work encourages you to be yourself and discover yourself.
We must manage our bodies and make choices. It belongs to us and we have the right to use it. Don’t be shy about it, don’t hide or scold it. We need the courage to finally be free.
Break your cages and show your statement.

Photography by Daria Lee / / Instagram: @photo_krakow
Models are Ivan Molchanov / Instagram: @molchanov1010
Yevgeniya Turovska / Instagram: @zzenshen
Fashion stylist is Anna Matviichuk / Instagram: @anytka.stylist
Make up by Alexandra Stepantsova / Instagram:
Photography assistant is Ihor Peretiatko / Instagram: @kangurukr