Call me! Photography by Air_ouane

A KALTBLUT exclusive fashion editorial from paris. Photography and all fashion by Air_ouane. Models are Diane Robilliard, Florent Norcereau, Antoine Henault, Justine Dnvt, Air_ouane, Jonathan Fuminier, Joachim Schulte, Richard Otparlic. Make up by Diane Robilliard.


“I am a fashion student and visual artist (photographer and plastician).Theatricality, absurdity, irony, these 3 words define and are the gasoline of my creative work. I see my garment, as an alive paint which lives through the person who carries him and who approaches several social themes: the question of the kind, the sexuality, the social standards promulgated by the society… My collection is a history: a boy lost in the society and his identity and trying to understand the world which surrounds him. I do not create simply a clothing line , but a work trying to break the notions of dictats.” says Air_ouane.

Photography by Air_ouane/ Instagram : @air_ouane

Models are
Air_ouane/ Instagram : @air_ouane
Diane Robilliard
Florent Norcereau / Instagram : @florentnrcr
Antoine Henault / Instagram : @antoinehenault
Justine Dnvt / Instagram : @judnvt
Jonathan Fuminier
Joachim Schulte / Instagram : @j.schulte_h
Richard Otparlic / Instagram : @richard_otparlic
Make up by Diane Robilliard


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