Camlabe Sinti Love by Leonardo Casalini

Photographer and director, Leonardo was born in Tuscany in 1993. To create this editorial, Casalini teamed up with makeup artist Gabriela Milanovič Mugnaioni and stylist Noell Maggini using brands such as DFuture and Gioielleria Arti Orafe. Stylist assistant is Matilde Berardi and models are Sara Panelli, Duccio, and Arthur. A KALTBLUT exclusive.

“Primordial love and desire.
Life comes from the loving will.
From mother to children, from children to lovers.
The light that paints the forms.
In Nature.

Beauty of the different, different from anyone.
Beyond the schemes,
Warmth and sweetness.
Game of fluid hierarchies.
The rules of a secular culture are broken to create art. ”
Noell Maggini.

Team credits:
Photography by
Leonardo Casalini
Instagram: @leo.casalini

Stylist is Noell Maggini
Instagram: @noellmagginiworld

Stylist assistant is Matilde Berardi
Instagram: @berardi_matilde

Models are Sara Panelli
Instagram: @sarapanelli
Duccio signed at Alex Model Agency
Instagram: @alexmodelagency
Arthur signed at Alex Model Agency
Instagram: @alexmodelagency

Makeup by Gabriela Milanovič Mugnaioni
Instagram: @gabry_988

Fashion credits:
Brands are Noell Maggini, DFuture, Gioielleria Arti Orafe