Captain Morgan puts gold on the steak

Until now, you had to travel to Dubai to proudly present a golden steak to your Instagram feed. That’s about to change! Captain Morgan now gives all BBQ fans the opportunity to grill a golden steak: with the Captain Morgan Spiced Gold grill sauce.

Whether on the big city balcony, the allotment garden or the backyard in Hintertupfingen: The Captain Grill Sauce is the ingredient that helps the well-known barbecue evening with friends to golden glitter glamour of the first league. All right, or at least a fun moment with a twinkle in your eye.

The preparation of the new BBQ Must-Haves is simple. Simply add some Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Rum to the sauce bottle with the gold base, shake vigorously and put it on the steak. Not only does it look spiced gold, it also tastes that way. So a legendary evening with the crew can start.

From today and only for a short time the Captain Morgan Spiced Gold grill sauce will be available in a 100 ml glass bottle as a bundle with Captain Morgan Spiced Rum on