Having a bad day? No worries! Pop singer Carly Waddell is here to cheer you up with her new single/video “Just Work.”

There are very few genres I consider guilty pleasures. Pop country is definitely one of those. Carly Waddell won my heart with her music but now she’s releasing something out of this world. “Just Work” is her latest single/video, a song you won’t get out of your head.

Catchy, cute and colourful she’s determined to bring joy into people’s lives, and that in my book is a very noble goal. Having grown up in Dallas, Texas, Carly Waddell developed a love of music at an early age. Performing and captivating audiences has been a passion for Waddell since she was a child. She has performed around the world and is now fulfilling her lifelong dream of recording her original music. While Waddell took a break as a wife and mother, she never forgot her true love: the stage. Over the past two years, Waddell has been working on her debut EP. It is a dream come true for her to be able to do what she loves most: writing, recording, and playing music. In her opinion, it is important to show that no matter how old you are, how divorced you are, or how mother you are…if you are driven to do so, you can still follow your dreams.

Now let’s discuss what everyone here came for. “Just Work” is just as charming as her previous work. If I had to choose an animal to describe the song, it would be a fluffy puppy (the fluffy part is important mind you). Carly’s voice is heart-melting, mellow and delicious. The song’s rhythm perfectly complements her lyrics. The catchy chorus makes it a pleasure to listen to and sing along to. The whole song is a wonderful example of Carly’s talent and creativity. The delicate and gentle melody is a perfect match for the light and airy lyrics, and the whole song has an uplifting and positive vibe to it. The bouncy beat and catchy chorus give the song a cheerful energy and joyful feeling. The song is truly a delight to listen to and appreciate.

The video is an excellent accompaniment to the tune. Carly expresses happiness with her partner, using bright colours and trippy visuals in some segments. The video captures the joyous feeling of the song, with its vibrant colours and upbeat visuals. It’s a perfect representation of the song’s joyful energy. Overall, the song and video come together to create a delightful and cheerful experience. The visuals perfectly capture the essence of the lyrics, with Carly singing about being in love and living life to the fullest. The bright and cheerful colours in the video add to that feeling, as does the trippy animation, which gives the video a unique and whimsical feel. The visuals also help to drive home the chorus, making it even more catchy and memorable.

Just Work was actually really hard for me to write. I was going through a divorce and it was so difficult to wrap my head around a couple who “just works”. A couple who had it easy was the last thing on my mind. Lucky for me I had great writers to work with. There is a sexyness about this song that I absolutely love. It has a pop vibe while still remaining country at its core. It’s one of those songs that gives hope to us single people out there that relationships can be work, or they can “just work.”

Carly Waddell is quickly becoming a recognized name in the halls of Country Pop and we’re more than happy to help her reach the fame she deserves. Stay tuned for her upcoming work! We will keep you posted. 

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