Carne Bollente pays tribute to the master of homoerotic art: Tom of Finland

Since 2014, the fee independent Paris-based brand focuses on the relationship between sex and positivity to allow people to embrace their sexuality and kinks through their clothes. By combining straightforward staples with scenic sex illustrations that manage to cover a wide scope of sexual taboos, Carne Bollente injects irreverence and humor into no-fills basics.
Model is @antonin_the2nd

This season, Carne Bollente partnered with Tom Of Finland foundation to create a gender fluid capsule collection associating iconic drawings and paintings made by Tom during his career with Carne Bollente’s classic embroideries. Through his art, Tom always defended sex positivity and fought for lgbt+’s rights. He affirmed and glamourised gay sexuality; giving confidence to gay men at a time when many had internalised homophobia and sexual guilt. His imagery turned upside down the cliches that gays were weak. It portrayed gay men as strong and desirable, which was refeshing and empowering.

This collaboration reflects our desire to introduce this artist to new generations but also to highlight the humoristic part of his work less known from the public.

This capsule pays homage to one of the greatest artist of the 20th century that helped so many lgbt+ people to embrace their sexuality. We want to thank the foundation for this opportunity and we hope you are going to love it.