#OneToWatch from ModaLisboa – SANGUE NOVO! May I introduce you to the winner of the Fashionclash Award at Modalisboa S/S19: Carolina Raquel and her amazing womenswear collection: INDUVIAE?! With 12 years old, Carolina Raquel was confronted to the art world for the first time by being introduced to works of Amadeu de Souza Cardoso and Almada Negreiros by her art tutor. With 14 years old she saw Yojhi Yamamoto’s work and discovered that somewhere in this planet, individuals create clothes based on a conceptual approach not just functionality. 

In 2014 she moved to London to study Fashion Design at London College of Fashion, graduating in 2018. While studying, she gained experience at Alexandra Moura, Christopher Kane, Roksanda and Simone Rocha.



1.clothes to put on

‘induviae’ explores meaningless and meaningful relationships between ourselves and our garments. By elevating them to the core object of debate, ‘induviae’ ponders new meanings about garments as personal objects and, consequently as a valuable depository of memory.

Acknowledging a fashion industry system of fast and slow dichotomies related to the way one consumes fashion, ‘induviae’ is focused on wanted and unwanted garments within the context of everyday life (private and public spaces) considering different cultural backgrounds.

It does so by exploring ‘displacement’, ‘wrongness’, and ‘memory’ as the core study categories, working as three channels to conceptually and visually scrutinize the main subject.


Photos: Ugo Camera

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