Casual Magazine Kickstarter Campaign

Our friends from Casual Magazine are calling for help! A print and online curated collation of 42 artists based in Barcelona, exploring the creative process, art, ethos and inspiration. Largely a photographic experience, Casual Magazine is a curated collection of artists from various mediums based in Barcelona. Roughly 150 pages long, this magazine (print & digital) explores the creative process by documenting artists within their studio. Examining lifestyle, ethos, inspirations and their unique perspective of Barcelona. @keepitcasualmagazine


“Oddly enough the magazine’s first edition was created in early 2018 by accident. After being stranded in Sydney due to a last-minute project cancellation, I tried to be productive and approached six artists in the hopes of creating some short profile videos. Whilst filming I saw that a lot of their work was shaped by their environment i.e. surf culture, bush, the ocean. Seeing this I thought it could be cool to combine these profiles into a short magazine, something that has both artistic and travel elements. A magazine that brings the viewer into the local creative scene, to be apart of the community rather than an outside glance.” 

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