A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Martina Mariotti. Fashion video by Andrea Mariotti. Model is Korlan Madi. Make up by Costanza Stefania. Hair by Look Total. Stylist Flavia Bernardi used fashion by Hanna Biasiol, Greymer, Madele, La Perla, Iosseliani, White, Alessandra Mansi, Elena D’amico, Eri Six.

I wanted to tell and develop chaetophobia through this editorial. This is a Phobia that is characterized by an irrational fear of hair. The project, therefore, takes the hair as protagonists and through these shots I wanted to explain the point of view, to identify it with those who suffer this fear, trying to convey this sense of anguish and anxiety that this phobia can bring, using a slightly disturbing mood.

Photography by Martina Mariotti / / instagram: @martinamariottiph
Model is Korlan Madi / instagram @korlanmadi
Make up by Costanza Stefania /instagram @cossartist
Hair by Look Total / Instagram @look.totalbrand
Stylist Flavia Bernardi / instagram @flaviabernardi.stylist 
Assistan stylist Elena Brozzi / instagram @elenaborzzistylist
Fashion video by Andrea Mariotti / Instagram @_mariotti