#LFWM – In a world of commercialism and fast fashion cloning, Charles Jeffrey Loverboy is always a show I look forward to attending at LFWMs, because he’s one of the rare few who create a catwalk spectacular to truly engage and inspire his audience. Last season he took us inside a sci-fi life support system of futuristic, bionic/cyborg sensations, but for AW19, we’ve gone back to the past with a gender fluid utopia I can get behind 100%.

In a massive contrast to his SS19 display, Loverboy finds inspiration from the story of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan and the rebellious lost boys in a “fuck you I’ll never grow up and I’ll never conform Wendy” shout out! The token tartans referencing trademark Loverboy silhouettes, paired with Leo Cartlon extravagant millinery, upcycled accessories from Luke V Smith all presented in a child-like assortment of flamboyant yet mischievous styling. Loverboy served us lewks henny by the truckload. Or should I say fairy- dust flying Pirate Ship?

Topped off perfectly with 20s beauty elements, draw- on Piratesque mustaches and luscious curls as models danced, pranced and enchanted their way around chandeliers, ornate mirrors, bath tubs and discarded books in a magical set created by Simon Costin.

Charles continues to step up his game for AW19 with emotional and awe-inspiring theatrics taking charge and elevating his whole collection from start to finish. Never change Charles and never grow up. P.s. Tinkerbell called, she wants her wig back! #Snatched.

Photography Courtesy of Starworks Group.

Text: Lewis Robert Cameron