An editorial taken from our digital issue: FIGHTERS! The price of Russia’s war against Ukraine is 361 dead children and over 700 injured ones* – confirmed and documented cases only. Numbers are growing daily…

«A scaled white children’s dress is a symbol of purity for me. The floral print is a symbol of joy and life. On the top of the flowers, I place guns-tools for killing children. The form characterizes the lightness and purity of children’s consciousness. The contrasting print speaks of a tragedy that could not be avoided.» – Alina Coma

The designer is Alina Coma / @comaalina
Photography by Yaroslav Rashevskyi @yaroslavrashevskyi
The hairstylist is Anya Furiya / @ya_furiya
Make-up by Alisa Fun / @alisafunnn
The model is Jenny Gorbachenko / @zhenya_foxx
Special thanks to Ukrainian Cultural Community / @ucc_berlin