Christeene: An Interview!

You might know the power hip-hop trash queen Christeene Vale for her controversial videos, or for her crazy live performances, or you might just like her polymorphous sound and flashy post-Mad Max sense of aesthetics. As a special Xmas treat, we’ve asked Christeene to tell us about her recent tour and what she is cooking for the winter. Here is the correspondence, to enjoy by the fireplace, ho ho ho.


KALTBLUT: Christeene, you’ve just finished a tour, tell us about it.

Christeene: I been on da road with da fuggin best of da best, named Peaches, and her fuggin amayzing crew. We hit da US harrd and went to some amazing places like cray cray Salt Lake City and Vegas. My ponies were kicking harrrd and da road was beauutiful and da people coming to da shows were inspiring and gorgeous and sick in da head.

KALTBLUT: And now during the winter, what are your plans?

Christeene: I get all lit up in da cold weather and I wanna keeep on and on and burn diz nay nay on all ends. It’s nice to be off the road for a bit, but fuk, I miss it toooo!


KALTBLUT: You also have a crowd-funding campaign going on?

Christeene: Fuk, yes we dooo! We just fuggin hit $12,000 and I am so grateful and wanna kiss allllll deez lovely foooools laying diz support down on my pootay.

KALTBLUT: How do you feel about crowd funding?

Christeene: I understand why it’s gotta happen diz crowd funding, it’s a pain in da asss, but it gives me a chance to see who is luving diz work and who is willing to support me, and it is very very inspiring; dat’s a good thing about it. I’m super fuggin stanked to bring out da new musik to you all.

KALTBLUT: Do you think that now that everybody can make music on their iPhone, music is more democratic? 

Christeene: People can record demselves screaming on da phone but dat don’t mean it’s music, haaaaay!!!! Democracy aside I just think it’s a way that people can get closer to da artists dey love or admire, or hell, even hate! And dey can make demselves feel like dey are keeping a body of work alive. There is some democracy in derr yeah.

KALTBLUT: Do you think all the easy, more affordable techs help the diversity of music or lower its quality?

Christeene: You gotta ask what da hell quality is first. Most people would look at my videos and sounds and hair and say it’s poor poor ass quality, while others think it is da best fuggin kneez. All new forms of affordability in diz realm are just gonna create all new forms of the sounds we love hearing. Bring it.



KALTBLUT: What about fashion, movies, TV… are nowadays entertainment and culture good or bad?

Christeene: Again, whut da fuk is good or bad, for one is totally not da same for da other. Do I wish da Kardashians would get on a boat and sail it down da River Styx and light themselves on fire? Hellll yezzz. But derr are some sick fuks who like dat shit. If you got a magic eyeball on da world, you will always find da glow in things that will inspire and motivate you; and you can put the rest of the turds thru da fuk filter.


KALTBLUT: Are we still talking about art and culture, or have they become commodities?

Christeene: Oh fuk we still talking…You just gotta find da right room to chew about it in.

KALTBLUT: Is there still something attractive or interesting in art and fashion? 

Christeene: Ahahahaa well, Rick Owens is da sex in my fashion fuck hole. Iva Gueorguieva is my painting soulmate. Michele Lamy is all you will ever need on how to encompass all dat is right in da world. Tacocat is a band dat gives me happy hope. Peaches is ever inspiring and can whip your ass in any interview with brains and soulful brawn. Roddy Bottum is da best example of da saying “you are your friends” cuz it don’t get no better than that one. I’m done.




KALTBLUT: Do you think Xmas is consumerist evil or something lovely?

Christeene: If you dig down to da marrow of it all, it’s lovely cuz it’s a dark fuggin strange ritual dat has changed and evolved and devolved – and da wurld needs more magic and mystery and ritual. Just find it in da deep dark places and not at da fuggin Walmart.


KALTBLUT: Is the West getting toys from Santa this year, or are we getthing coal from Krampus?

Christeene: Krampus got a huge fuggin turd in its butt waiting for da West, but like I said diz shit is yin and yang, evolve and devolve, and derr is both sides to da sun and moon. So fukk good and bad, and just do what da pony inside of you is pushing you to do so long as it don’t hurt no one.


KALTBLUT: And what does Christeene wish for in 2016?

Christeene: To bring new musik and videos into da world thanks to people who support diz work, and do keep meeting amazing people everywhere I go who are changing da world around us.

All pictures were taken at Yo! Sissy 2015 in Berlin by Lisa Wassmann