Chuyue Wen

Chuyue Wen, also known as ssssoulwen, is currently a photography student. She has been doing photography for almost 3 years. She was a fine art painting major student when she was in high school, until she realized she was more interested in capturing images so she choose to be a photographer after that.


KB: You move between China and the US. How does this affect your work and aesthetics?

CW: I think the different culture backgrounds make me think a lot more about my work. It’s like if you speak different languages you have different ways of thinking about same thing. Chinese culture is more historical and traditional, and I was born in a really traditional family so part of me has really classical aesthetics, those affect me to be more sensitive and more moody. And also since I started living in the US, I got affect by US culture a lot, the vibe here and people here are passionate, free. So I started getting into a lot of bright colors, I never liked colors before I came to the US. I think that is kinda interesting.

KB: Where do you get inspiration from on a dull day?

CW: I go out for a walk by myself and listen to music, sometimes I can just walk for hours. Because this makes me depressed and when I feel sad at the same time I get a lot of inspiration from being sad.

KB: You are an amazing model yourself. We wanna see more of you! Have you ever considered more self-portraits?

CW: Yes I do, I did many self-portraits in the past and it made me feel tired of myself. I have seen too much of myself being the same so I want some changes. So I have been thinking a lot about myself. I want to get a better understanding of myself and then I will start doing self-portraits again.

KB:  What genre of photography would you say you are more attracted to and why?

CW: I would say I’m attracted to fashion photography and fine art. Fashion is something that I got into these few years, like I said I didn’t even like colors when I was in China, so I didn’t even care what fashion is, what style is, I just wore everything black. And then I was really attracted to fashion, how style makes a person look different and personal. That attracts me the most and makes me have a better understanding of art in general.

KB: What would be your ultimate dream project as an artist?

CW: I can say I change my dream, my propose, my ideas every minutes, every day, every year. So who knows what’s going to happen. I will never get satisfied.