Collection 1 – Nude – Pur – Us – Online Issue

Hello, welcome to our very first KALTBLUT Collection. 400 pages of the theme Nudity. It is a special edition. Featuring artists like: aMinus, Gio Black Peter, Sam Sparro, Mara Sommer, Nir Arieli, Munroe Bergdorf, Rico Mahel, PETA, Tim Kruger, Brett Seiler, Marilyn Monroe, Suzana Holtgrave, Simon Ekrelius, Oona Vdl, Men To Kiss and many many more.

I hope you enjoy what you will see. Me and my team, we wanna thank you – all of our readers, fans, friends, artists and haters – for all the support in the last month. It was not an easy time for us. But we are strong and we are fighters. So! The future is ours. We love you guys! Buy the PDF: HERE

KALTBLUT Magazine is the successor of HONK! Magazine, an Onlinemagazine founded in 2010 in Berlin. HONK! has created international sensation from day one, also because of collaborations with Steed Lord, Bruce La Bruce, Rico Mahel (Ophus Kulturpreis 2011), Natalie Avelon, Walter Van Beirendonck and many others.

What is Kaltblut? KALTBLUT stands for a limitless symbiosis between art, photography, fashion and media. The theme of every issue works as a platform for artists to showcase their personal interpretation and point of view. By adopting this concept KALTBLUT hopes to break free from all traditional conventions and frames and allow an unhinged and borderless unfolding of creativity.

Marked by the Internet generation we have opted for an online magazine format, aiming at achieving the fastest and most global connection between artists and readers. In order to address our target group -the art interested cosmopolitan- in a propper way, our issues are released every 2 months in English. Our purpose is to create a thorough insight to every theme we go for, without pro and con and without falling victim to social restraints. We don’t care to condemn but to be an eye opening experience instead. Buy the PDF: HERE

Cover by Suzana Holtgrave, Model : Lex Ólsen