Issue 2 – The Avant-Garde

Hello, welcome to our second KALTBLUT Collection. 400 pages of the theme Avant-Garde. Featuring artists like Adam Green, Tata Christiane, Slava Mogutin, SELLAH, Kristian Jalonen, Kali, Emilie Simon, Tobias Jundt, Remedios Varo, Marc Johns, Reka Koti, Kelly De Block, Berglind Agustsdottir, Andrew Huan, Emma Elina Keira Jones, Amanda Morgan Jansson, Susu Laroche, Jeroen Mylle and many more. Published by Marcel Schlutt & Nicolas Simoneau

Special thanks to every artist, photographer, model, stylist, writer, friends, Amanda and Emma, Daniel, Alex, Nicolas, CoCo, Basti, Claudio, Aiden, the Brazil team ! Get the Issue at the App Store : HERE

Welcome to our second issue. Once again we have 400 pages full of art, fashion and media for you. The theme for this collection is Avant-garde. Yeah, I know what you are thinking. Avant-garde? Arghhh. Yes, I feel the same when I hear this word. Every artist, gallery and magazine has played at least once with this word. But let´s be honest: most of it is just insanely stupid stuff. I don´t understand why Avant-garde has to be always black and white, or very dark. So here at KALTBLUT, we had the idea to bring some colour into the Avant-garde world. And let our readers decide what Avant-garde is to them.

If you google Avant-garde you will find as an explanation: Trendsetting. But what is trendsetting? Who decides what a trend is? We all know it is always some people with a weird attitude. Those people are sitting all day long in a petty office and they want to tell you what to do, what to wear and who you are. We will never do this. KALTBLUT is a magazine from our readers for our readers. We’ll never even try to find any trends. Cause trends are already old 5 seconds later. You know life, in general, is Avant-garde. Whatever you do. Every little step, every breath you take is changing the world. It is all in your mind. We are all Avantgardists. Enjoy our second collection.

Cover credits: Photography Josephine Roloff www.
@Facebook / Make-up & Hair by Ines Schult / Styling by Michael Hastreiter
Model : Julia Birkenstock @Izaio Models Berlin