Consent is golden by Armando Branco

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Concept and photography by Armando Branco. Models are Sabine & Tomas. Styling and set design by Patrick Hiemstra. Makeup and hair by Esmiralda de Waal. Assist. styling by Anne Francesca.

“With this shoot, we (photographer Armando Branco, 1977, and fashion designer Patrick Hiemstra, 1997, both from the Netherlands) wanted to explore what it would be like for a woman if she were no longer judged and constrained by patriarchal society: a world in which the unwritten rules that a woman must abide by are instead borne by the average man. The models featured in this production are also a couple in real life, adding extra spark to their enthusiasm to explore our concept. During this pandemic, we are forced to keep distance – while our human nature longs for intimacy. Consciously and unconsciously, we were also inspired by the golden age of cinema and the beauty of the golden hour. This juxtaposition between classic image and contemporary concerns enriches both and casts fresh light on the emotions connected to them. ”

Concept/ photography by Armando Branco / / 
Instagram: @armandobranco_fic

Styling / set design by Patrick Hiemstra / Instagram: @studio.hiem

Assist. styling by Anne Francesca / Instagram: @annefrancescaa
Models are Sabine / Instagram: @sabinesjollema & Tomas / Instagram: @tomashve
Makeup and hair by Esmiralda de Waal

Brands used are:
 Austin James Smith @austin.james.smith / Asos @asos / Bally @bally / Char&Lott Jewellery @charenlott / Cos @cosstores / Dior (vintage) @dior / Dorothee Schumacher @dorotheeshumacher / Eef Hietbrink @eefhietbrinkdesign / Fierce Jewels @fiercejewels_official / H&M @hm / Juicy Couture @juicycouture / Lawin Ramelinck @lawin_r / Mugler @muglerofficial / Prada @prada / Versace @versace / Quentin Eden @quentineden / Zara @zara