Crazy trip by Klaudia Furmańczak

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Klaudia Furmańczak. Model is Marta Grabowska. Make up by Patrycja Błędowska. Stylist is Amelia Ruprich. „Crazy trip” is a project  realised surrounded by tower blocks in Poland through photography. It shows emotions of young people who live there and are so lost and getting crazy because of politics our governance. It’s about an attempt to cross the invisible frontier faced by socjety.

“Im a young photographer, who loves to photoshoot. The best thing in photography for me is that I can visually show what I feel and know a lot of great people, talk with them and learn many things from them.” *Klaudia Furmańczak

Photography by Klaudia Furmańczak / Instagram: @tak_wiec
Model is Marta Grabowska / Instagram: @marta__grabowska
Make up by Patrycja Błędowska / Instagram: @parte.x
Stylist is Amelia Ruprich / Instagram: @ameliaruprich

Brands used are:
Dress-Bershka/ White thighhigh boots-Renee @reneegirls / jewelry-Vintage/ Blue coat-Agnieszka Wolnica (ig: @agawolnica)/ tights-Gatta @gattaofficial / Slippers, baseball cap -Vintage/ Green tunic-Vintage/ Green trousers-Laura Skorwon@lauraskowron/ /Rainboots-Vintage/ Beret -Vintage/ Neon dress-Maja Żuchowska @majazuchowska_/ Red tricot-no name /Slippers-Renee @reneegirls / Earrings–„Dwie Gliny” (ig: @dwiegliny)/ Shirt„egg” -Aleksandra Kubiak @arthouseofaleks/ jumpsuit-Laura Skowron @lauraskowron/ Green tunic-Vintage/ Green trousers-Laura Skorwon @lauraskowron/ Rainboots-Vintage/ Beret -Vintage/Dress-Bershka /White thighhigh boots-Renee @reneegirls /jewelry-Vintage