Creamcake: 10/11

Before there was Creamcake, there was Milkshake. The similarly sweet-sounding queer party had a more direct electronic approach before co-organizer Anja Weigl teamed up with Daniela Seitz in starting a dynamic and responsive program pushing against the usual house and techno-favouritism of Berlin’s dance music scene. For this year’s “10/11” birthday celebration, the evolving club night and interdisciplinary event platform mark its ten-or-eleven years as a vital and inclusive alternative to the city’s four-to-the-floor status quo by moving into its embodiment with a huge Berghain party on July 29, plus many more events and projects to come.

There’ll be eleven artists for the eleven-or-so years of Creamcake, bringing their own unique takes to the infinite combinations of hip hop, RnB, jersey club, hardstyle, post-club, hyperpop (etc.), that the Berlin collective has championed for so long. Joining the lineup is Petal Supply, with her bouncy trance and breakcore-inspired experimental pop, along with Brazilian-born SOPHIE-affiliate LYZZA. There’s vocalist & percussionist DÆMON bringing his provocative, narrative-driven set, and TYGAPAW’s lush and aggressive musical styling that draws from dancehall and techno. Meanwhile, Creamcake welcomes eclectic multidisciplinary artist KESH into the fold with one of her ethereal, high-energy DJ sets. Other artists already announced include Total Freedom, umru, and Namasenda; Jam City, bod [包家巷] and DJ Paypal.

Later on, artist duo New Scenario will present a video work premiering on HAU Hebbel am Ufer’s HAU4 online platform and Creamcake’s own 3hdTV in the winter, while a few very special solo concerts and group performance events are set to happen at both Galerie im Körnerpark and Radialsystem in August and December. On top of that, team members Steph Kretowicz and Jared Davis are compiling and editing a retrospective survey of the collective and its operations in a “10/11” catalog, with old and new contributions from our peers, including artist and filmmaker Vika Kirchenbauer and art historian Susanne Huber. As club culture still faces an uncertain future following pandemic, Creamcake and its “10/11” hybrid event series aims to consolidate its legacy, and that of its post-club and post-internet milieu into history, while facilitating its vital continuation into the future. Hip hip hooray!

Creamcake (Berlin)
Creamcake (CC) is a Berlin-based interdisciplinary platform, negotiating the point of convergence in electronic music, contemporary art and digital technologies. Distanced from normative social structures, Creamcake moves in fluid processes of thought and action and engages with current social issues of the present through diverse projects. CC organizes exhibitions performances, concerts, symposiums, DJ sets, digital projects, and workshops including 3hd Festival (since 2015), Paradise Found (2019), インフラ INFRA (2017), Europool (2017-2019) and “<Interrupted = “Cyfem and Queer>” (2018–2019). As a queer-feminist normadic space, CC has cooperated with a variety of clubs, community spaces and institutions such as Berghain, Klosterruine, OHM, Südblock, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, and KW Institute for Contemporary Art / Bob’s Pogo Bar, and WWWβ.

What? Creamcake: 10/11
Where? Berghain/Panorama Bar, Berlin
When? July 29th, 2022
Event info: here
Follow: @follakzoid
Creamcake artwork: @blushh.fka.flufflord