Critics of society by Karim Rieg

A KALTBLUT exclusive. A project for Kunsthochschule Weißensee by photographer Karim Rieg. Fashion by Luisa Lauber, Carla Renée Loose, Nicolas Mezes and Nina Fürstenberg.

“I`m 26, from Berlin. Pretty leftish kid who grew up in a different city than what it is today, but still loving it. Working in Film as a DP and Gaffer. I’m in Love with the Art of still pictures but out of a principal I’d never commercialize it.
So everything photographic I did until now is unpaid work and I’m proud of that.

This project is my view on the works of the last master classes at Kunsthochschule Weißensee – @seefashionberlinofficial
Working with student fashion projects which are on the verge of stepping into the industry is so interesting because they’re able to work on a qualitatively high level and still don’t have any commercial pressure. So these works contain a lot of critics on society – ranging from body positivity to waste and overproduction.” *Karim Rieg

Photography by Karim Rieg @karim.rieg
A project for Kunsthochschule Weißensee @seefashionberlinofficial
Fashion by Luisa Lauber @luisalauber
Carla Renée Loose @carlarenee_ Nicolas Mezes @nicolasmezes Nina Fürstenberg @ninusch.13