Crowd 2.0 by Ola Bajer – bola

“The Crowd 2.0 collection is a natural extension of my previous collection, Crowd. It happens so, as I have repeatedly shown in the preceding years, that specific seasons and their presentation constitute closed chapters of my artistic and emotional pursuits. The clusters of clothes tell stories – with a beginning, development and end. It sometimes happens, however, that a seemingly completed collection cannot get out of my head, demanding its continuation. That is why I decided to write, or rather sew, another chapter in the story that I started this spring. Welcome to the world of Crowd 2.0!” *Ola Bajer – bola

The Crowd 2.0 collection is a modern urban camouflage. The digital world intertwined with the real world. A crowd made up of individuals. The relationship between a mass of people and the personalities that constitute it. When designing clothes for the young at heart, modern and self-aware people, I am well aware of how important it is for them to emphasize their individuality, their own self.

“I also know that they are not indifferent to what is happening around them. Every day they fight for a better tomorrow, be it for the good of the public, their loved ones, or finally, for themselves. That is why I wanted to include the spirit of rebellion, courage and non-conformism in the campaign promoting Crowd 2.0.
I decided to add details made of oxidized multi-coloured steel to the black-grey-white base. A knife, a flask, a lighter or a jewellery chain harness are the only colourful accents. You can see the entire spectrum of colours in them, and for me, also a gamut of emotions and life situations. Whether it’s a struggle, courage, relaxation, or a question of succumbing to temptation – I leave the interpretation to my audience. There are also snap hooks made of rainbow steel, concealed inconvenient places, to which you can attach a sachet, keys, a wallet and other useful items.”

the session was created in cooperation with wonderful people:

models : Łukasz / X Management Warsaw / Ola / Roksana
photo : Piotr Pytel
photographer’s assistant : Krzysztof Powierża
style : Mateusz Kołtunowicz
stylist assistant : Kay Bójko
mua : Kamila Jankowska
hair : Stanisław Misalski / Jaga Hupało
nails : Maria  marilis.nails
video : Porobione Studio / muzyka do video : Misław
shoes  : Bohema / dr. Martens

Ola Bajer – bola