Crystal Blinkers by Wenhai Su

Introducing designer Wenhai Su. A Chinese menswear designer, recently graduated from ArtEZ University, Practice Held in Common Programme, the Netherlands. As an outsider living in Europe, Wenhai has developed a very personal vision observing the gap between these two worlds to create his work. Photography and Film by Michaël Smits. Model is Jaap Blankespoor.

“This collection titled ‘Crystal Blinkers’ is a reflection of my fragmented impressions about my Chinese culture in the multi-layered world I have constructed for myself.

Living as an outsider in Europe, I often feel myself losing spiritual connection with my homeland, I experienced this distance on a creative level, which made me develop a very personal and sensitive vision to observe the gap between the two worlds. In the process of deconstructing second-hand garments, I constantly try to connect this flowing clothing language with my consciousness, emotions, and memories.”

Photography and Film by Michaël Smits / / Instagram: @michael_smits
Styling /Art Direction by Sanan Gasanov / Instagram: @gasanan_sanan
Model is Jaap Blankespoor / Instagram: @jaapblankespoor
Make up by Jenneke Croubels / Instagram: @jennekecroubels
Designer: Wenhai Su/ Instagram: @wenhaiwenhai