CTM Festival « UN Tune » Enter The Playground of Frequencies

Our music and art marathon starts today with the16th edition of the CTM Festival! Spread in several hots spots of Berlin, the festival explores the realm of frequencies and psychedelic optical sounds with an incredible live music program, interactive installations,  radio lab and workshops from the Bethanien to Berghain. Connect the machine to your sensors and check out our Un Tune highlights:


Anticipate the future with the Norvegian artist and musician Lars TCF Holdhus’ lecture. 17:00 Bethanien  Studio 1 Lecture TCF Tickets 3 € / 6 € day pass (at the door)



NEW TEC! Explore the sonic perception of space with the world premiere presentation of the  RX-11 space drum machine by the Argentinien artist Lucio Capece.


20:00  HAU 2 Hallesches Ufer 32 Lucio Capece “RX-11 Space Drum Machine” (AR, world premiere) 15/12 €


GHOST In the Shell!

The first concert night in Berghain will be hunted by ghost melodies and an open battle between the human and the machine with the unique presentation of the «Höllenmaschine» by Elisabeth Schimana. This «machine from hell» developped by the young Robert Moog and inspired by the Austrian composer Max Brand is a piece of music history and a real challenge to perform, it will be followed by the Swedish analog master Peder Mannerfelt also known as  The Subliminal Kid and half of  Roll The Dice  READ THE INTERVIEW in KALTBLUT last issue. www.kaltblut-magazine.com/3-years-anniversary-rebellious-issue/

Berghain XENO 1, Tickets 24 €


22:00 Elisabeth Schimana “Höllenmaschine”
22:45 Peder Mannerfelt



Primal scream and old school reverb let’s explore the natural sound landscape of the caveman!

12:00 BETHANIEN Kunstquartier Studio 1 Mariannenplatz 2 lecture, 3€/4€


It ‘s Just a dillusion! Let your brain interprates the cerebral gap in between tones with the psychedelic audio visual piece «Fortuna Ribbon» by Marcus Schmickler released on the Edition Mego.

HAU2 Hallesches Ufer 32 UNTUNE 3 15€/12€

20:00 Fortuna Ribbon by Marcus Schmickler


BREAK THE ICE with a full ambient night featuring a unique concert of the Berlin’s amblematic figure Alec Empire who will perform his Islandic statement « Low On Ice, the Iceland Sessions»  released in 1995 on Mille Plateaux and re edited this year on Geist Records. Joining the celebration of a snow free winter night,  the UK artist and old time collaborator of Atari Teenage Riot, Zan Lyons and his real time visuals. Warm up your ears with the melodic textures of Lawrence English unveiling the « Wilderness Of Mirrors» to the  world.

BERGHAIN XENO 2 Ticket 22€


22:00 Klara Lewis
22:45 Lawrence English “Wilderness of Mirrors” (German premiere)
23:45 Alec Empire & Zan Lyons “Low on Ice” (world premiere)



BREAK THE CODE with TCF a sound performance where music becomes a playground for complex algorhythms! 0110111011011

HAU 2 Hallesches Ufer 32, UN TUNE 4 15/12€



20:00 TCF HAU2 Hallesches Ufer 32 10963 Berlin


UK DOKI! A sharp focus on the bass, dubstep experiemental electronic new comers!

Enter the insane world of Gazelle Twin breath the bass and let the raw techno take over your instinct! Then the young british producer Evian Christ will spacialized your ears with an exclusive post melodic dubstep.


Gazelle Twin

00:50 Gazelle Twin *
01:45 Evian Christ live (German premiere) *


CTMxGreco-Roman_eFlyerFRIDAY 30

Get in the line! There will be no presale for this subliminal line up of pure happiness so just grab a mate and wait for the impact! The label Greco Roman is taking over the night and we are ready to lose control from the accurate warm up until the very end.

Berghain’s THETA 2

23:59▼ 09:00

00:00 Full Nelson
01:30 Roosevelt (DJ-Set)
03:30 Joe Goddard ( DJ-Set)
05:30 Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (DJ-Set)
07:30 Lxury
09:00 Greco-Roman Soundsystem