Dance meets Fashion – Niobe

Dance Company Iron Skulls presents their new video Niobe -based on the connection between dance and fashion- in collaboration with film makers Aida Vargas and Nacho Planes, and fashion designer Lurdes Bergada. Iron Skulls Co. is an experimental dance company, founded 2012 by a bboying team, dancers from Spain and South France. The company uses their emotions and feelings to create a new language and research the limits of the movement. Most of their inspirations comes from fashion, music and the theater scene. The company has been developed an interesting proposal of movements with a ‘’organicity’’ influenced by the animals using visual effects and insolation of hip-hop. Also the combination of martial arts, acrobatics and Break-Dance makes one of their stronger points on the floor work.

Witten and Directed Aida Vargas & Nacho Planes
Dancers – Iron Skulls Co.: Adrian Vega, Hector Plaza, Bene Carrat, Diego Garrido, Facundo Martín, Luis Muñoz, Moisés Moe
Camera: Aida Vargas & Nacho Planes
Camera Assistants: Toni Montalvo,Sheila Peña,Petar Tanev
Custom Design: Lurdes Bergada & Syngman Cucala
Wardrobe: Raquel Eme
Make Up: Jose Luis Blasco Emperador
Music by Apparat – You Don’t Know Me