Dance Til You Drop

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography and Art Direction by Minxu Li. Styling by Emilia Jablonska. Hair and makeup by Jiamin Ye. The models are Sonny Kong and Nanzhen Yang.

“Dance marathons are events that were once popular back in the 20 & the 30s, in which people dance to music for an extended period of time. They developed into entertainment events during the Great Depression and attracted people to compete to achieve fame or win monetary prizes.

One common rule is that the participants could not fall asleep, although some of the events would allow one part of them to sleep if their teammates continued dancing while carrying the other one. Once they stopped moving, they would be disqualified from the contest. The duality of pleasure and cruelty is what makes them a fascinating activity, similarly to what can often be found in human relationships but also in the experience of wearing a garment that looks stunning but is unbearably uncomfortable to wear. ‘Dance Til You Drop’ is a playful meditation on those dichotomies, where mental battles coexist with all the dazzling fashion and music.”

Photography and Art Direction: Minxu Li / / Instagram: @biubiubeou
Stylist: Emilia Jablonska / / Instagram: @marilyn.monroe25
Hair & Makeup Artist: Jiamin Ye @ye_jiamin_mask
Models (unsigned): Sonny Kong @sonnykong and Nanzhen Yang @nanzhen_____yang

London-based artist working with photography, digital game, and sculpture. For her, art is a means of communicating unspeakable things that can trigger obsessional feelings, such as taboo, trauma, subconscious, and the absurd.

UK based stylist and occasional photographer. Her main interests include sustainability and genderless fashion. She strives for her styling practice to become informed by other disciplines such as film and performance and uses clothing as just another way of artistic expression. The general aesthetic of her work can be described as spooky chic.


Brands used are: Gabriel Silva Barros, Neon Lee, Gillian Yeh, Isaac Lizarraga Curiel, Otto Kirby Garrod, Fionn Lucaya, Hazel Zhao Hong, HUJIE, Maison Margiela

Instagram name of each brand: @_gabrielsilvabarros, @neo0on_, @gi11ian.gif, @isaaclcuriel, @navyell,, @hazelhongz, @jiehhuu_, @maisonmargiela