Dans l’après-midi by Zoe Ktena

KALTBLUT presents Dans l’après-midi by Zoe Ktena. A Greece based photographer and Philosophy student. ”In the sunny afternoon, the pleasure of seeing a naked body behind the lens shouldn’t be of much trouble. The playful joy of combining the art of body with the colours of the light gives off an eerie feeling. But this very feeling, the time has come to be acquited and cleared off any guilt that comes with it. Especially the nature of the female, first enflamed as something “witchy” and now ashamed of its own substitute; the time has come, to see the innocence of sex, passion, nudity and femininity. No woman is fat, ugly or imperfect; they are always beautiful and have the right to enjoy the body however they feel like, by fucking, blowjobbing or expressing their emotions through the art of nudity.”