Dark academia by Andy Low

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Andy Low. Model is Magnus McDowall signed at Model Team Scotland. The stylist is Jack Shanks. Brands are Weekday, Brynje, Fruit & Loom, Lochcarron of Scotland, BIBA, Falke, Asos, Jakke, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, T.M Lewis, Eastex, YSL, Country Long, Demonia, Magee, Fairytrade, Reebok, Farrah, L&M, Saint Laurent.

Do they sew wings on tailored suits? A story about everyone’s well-read boy crush coming of age. Drawing from cinema such as Rushmore and The Graduate in this editorial the focus is put on a classic heartthrob archetype where the on-screen boyfriend becomes the subject of the camera. With queer undertones, there is a soft romanticism inspired by dark academic types such as Jude Law as well as ladies man Trip Fontaine. Grounded in nostalgia the pictures become of fantasy boyfriends, like the ones your younger self would cut out magazines and stick inside your school locker.

Photography by Andy Low / www.andrewlow.co.uk / Instagram: @andylowphoto
Model is Magnus McDowall signed at Model Team Scotland / Instagram @magnusmcdowall @modelteamscotland
Styling by Jack Shanks / Instagram is @cantdressforshit