A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photographer Elena Breuer captured amazing Sissi Pohle and Anastasia Eulenstein for us. Styling by Lucy Cabrera using items from Urban Outfitters and clothes from different vintageshop´s. “Metal fashion is like the music that inspired it: aggressive, tough and slightly dangerous. You don’t have to be a longtime metal fan to dress the part, (although it helps), and you don’t have to be a guy, either. For girls who are just getting into the metal scene, or merely like the metal style, you can easily get the look!”

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Photography by Elena Breuer / Instagram: @elenabreuerphoto / website: elenabreuerphotos.tumblr.com
Assistent : Nicole Doberstein / Instagram: @nicoleedoberstein
Styling: Lucy Cabrera / Instagram: lucycabrera_
Models: Sissi Pohle / Instagram: @sissi_pohle
Anastasia Eulenstein /Instagram: @anastasia.eulenstein
Location: Berlin