Deadbeat Girl shares gorgeous new single ‘Talk Tonight’

Arriving as a stellar showcase of Deadbeat Girls dazzling vocals and magical melodies, ‘Talk Tonight’ is a gorgeous indie offering and yet another reason to follow Deadbeat Girl on their rise. Written in Val’s childhood bedroom in Florida, the track touches on the effects of a toxic relationship. Sharing more, they explained: “The song is essentially about needing constant approval from your partner and constantly needing to “talk things out” to feel “alright”. I want people to be able to find comfort in this song, because being in these situations is not easy. If I can be an outlet for someone who is going through something similar, then I’ve done my job!”

‘Talk Tonight’ is the follow up to recent collaborative track ‘Make Me Cry’ which featured buzzy and brilliant Ari Abdul, topped off with production by Isaac Dunbar. Already creeping close to 1 million streams, DIY Magazine described the track as working ‘so seamlessly it’s as if they were a permanent duo.’

The last month has been a real whirlwind for New York based Deadbeat Girl. They have joined the great Ari Abdul on a world tour which has already taken them to Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Cologne, Berlin and Amsterdam – with Paris, and London still in the pipeline! 

Born and bred in South Florida, 20-year-old artist and producer Deadbeat Girl released their debut EP ‘What Will It Take?’ back in March of this year. The record arrived as a coming of age moment, navigating self acceptance, heartache and identity with empowering honesty. The release scooped support from the likes of Clash, Wonderland, Them, and Ones To Watch.

Deadbeat Girl launched last year with their debut single ‘Another Day’ back in November after spending the pandemic writing their own original songs. Sitting at nearly 450 thousand streams, the track is a melancholy punk inspired upload that resonated with the likes of Under The Radar, Ladygunn and more.

Despite it still being early days for Deadbeat Girl, things are already falling into place and as they continue to unapologetically share their authentic self, their adoring fan base continues to grow and relate. 

From a young age, Val gravitated towards their parents’ record and CD collection, falling in love with the grunge movement of the nineties and alternative rock ballads of the early 2000’s. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, The Foo Fighters, and Death Cab For Cutie were on constant replay in their childhood home. Over time, modern day musicians helped shape their sound like Girl In Red, Day Wave, Arlo Parks and Billie Eilish.  Alongside finding their feet as a songwriter, they also found a passion for music production, studying the works of Finneas, Tyler The Creator, and Day Wave. All of which became an integral part of Deadbeat Girl’s life soundtrack. 

At their core, Deadbeat Girl is “not just a musician, but a lover of music.”