A KALTBLUT exclusive from Mexico City at Galería Caleta. Photography by Alexander Fischer. The model is Selene Piña at New Icon. Styling and Hair by Fracazototal. Make-up by Luz González. The styling and Hair Assistant is Carmen Paredes. Brands used are Fracazototal, Rotario, Sánchez-Kane, The Pack, PAY’S, NDA.

Photography by Alexander Fischer / Instagram: @alexanderf.scher
Styling and Hair by Fracazototal / Instagram: @fracazototal
Styling and Hair Assistant is Carmen Paredes / Instagram: @karkarkarmelita
Make-up by Luz González / / Instagram: @luzgonzalezvg
The model is Selene Piña at New Icon / Instagram: @seleneepina @newiconmodels

Location: Mexico City at Galería Caleta / Instagram: @caleta_cdmx

Brands used are: Fracazototal, Rotario, Sánchez-Kane, The Pack, PAY’S, NDA
@fraczototal @r0t4r10 @sanchez_kane @thepackbycampillo @ppaayyss @n___d___a___

Alexander discovered his passion for photography at an early age and lived it out for many years in parallel to his full-time job in the software industry. Recently, his desire to give more space to his creativity became increasingly louder, which is why he decided in 2022 to resign from his employee life and fully commit to photography. Since then he has had stops in Cape Town, Mexico City and New York City to work on his portfolio and satisfy his curiosity for new experiences.

In fashion photography, Alexander has found the right profession and environment. It allows him to exchange and collaborate with creative minds, he loves the fashion itself and he likes the freedom to portray it in the context of culture, architecture, art and design.

For Alexander, photography is the most natural way to express himself, the key to worlds that excite him and the opportunity to get in touch with people that inspire him. He grew up in Germany as half-Colombian and has his base in Berlin.