Dekmantel and Grolsch present: Selectors – Young Marco

Dekmantel and Grolsch celebrate their partnership by presenting their first instalment in the Selectors documentary series in 2017, starring the first-class odd ball DJ, Young Marco. The Amsterdam based DJ talks about how his unstoppable passion for music resulted in a tour schedule close to insane, producing hit tracks, starting a record label, and running a band. The video is shot in the aftermath of Marco’s closing slot at the Selectors stage at Dekmantel Festival in Amsterdam and brought to you a few days before Dekmantel Selectors in Croatia, where he plays three sets. Besides Marco, the video stars Optimo, Gilb’R, Piet Parra, Tako, Woody, and his manager Christiaan MacDonald.

After compiling the second Selectors release on Dekmantel Records it was only logical to dive deep into the creative world of Young Marco. “I always feel like Forrest Gump in a way. A bit of art, a bit of graphic design, a bit of skateboarding, all these weird chapters in life but they all kind of mesh together in this music thing” says the artist that played almost every Dekmantel party in the last 3 years. In the documentary, Marco tells show he started his adventure and tries to explain his passion and his multiple endeavors. “I’ve always been quite driven to do things myself and in my way. You have to be your own worst critic. It’s why you have to not care about what other people think, but what you think about your work. And if you care enough about your own work and are your biggest critic I think you have the capability of making the best work you can.”

Selectors documentary series
Every country and every city has its musical heroes – locals who live for music and spend most of their time behind the turntables or in the record store, always digging for that one special record to complete their five-star collection. All energy is invested in their craft that is DJ’ing and sharing the music they have found. These exceptional and passionate DJs have set an example in their communities, inspiring many to dig deeper and share in their love of music. They turn left where others go right. Dekmantel and Grolsch are inspired to take on the challenge of telling their stories in the Selectors documentary series.


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