A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial from London. Photographer Karl Slater captured Eyal Booker signed at NEVS Models for us. Styling by Hannah Rose Fry using fashion by Field of Ponies, Julian Zigerli, Scotch & Soda, Alex Mullins and Caine London. Artwork by Tom Taylor

Blitz Remix Vintage, Nike Polo. Julian Zigerli, Denim Printed Trousers.

Field of Ponies, Grey cropped tee. Vintage, Denim Dungarees. Vintage, Denim Shirt.

Rabbit Hole, White Polo. N.Ballout, Denim Jacket. Alex Mullins, Light Blue Denim Trousers.

Scotch & Soda, Distressed Denim Jacket, Scotch & Soda, Distressed Jeans.

Caine London, White Tee. Caine London, Painted Denim Jacket. Natural Selection, Denim Jeans. Scotch & Soda, Red neck scarf. Field of Ponies, Denim Choker.

Alex Mullins, Light Blue denim shorts. Alex Mullins, Light Blue painted jacket. Dr.Martens, Black Marble.

Blitz Remix Vintage, Cropped Demin Shirt. N.Ballout, Distressed Jeans.

Field of Ponies, off white Jumper. Scotch & Soda, Distressed Jeans. Blitz Remix Vintage, Bleached Denim Shirt. Dr.Martens, Black Marble.


Photographer: Karl Slater
Stylist: Hannah Rose Fry
Artwork: Tom Taylor
Model: Eyal Booker From NEVS