Der Engel

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial and film. Art director Vlada Ivanova pulls together a dream-team and pays homage to the era of 90s Rammstein.

“Rammstein has always been a huge influence on me. Their music and iconic style, which are inextricably connected to each other, have inspired me. I was eager to put all my passion into every aspect of the shot and eventually my dreams came true after working with team of professionals.” Photographer Tatiana Nikishina imprinted a great story, where each character appears to be a member of the band. The video by Alexander Ignatiev is another story with another personal idea. Original music by Yegor Gavrin specially composed for this shooting complements the whole story, creating obscured atmosphere.

Art-direction by Vlada Ivanova & Igor Gareev / instagram :
Photography by Tatiana Nikishina / instagram:
Video by Alexander Ignatiev / instagram:
Video assistant Kaloyan Grozev / instagram:
Music by Yegor Gavrin / instagram:
Styling by Igor Gareev , Angelina Supranovich
Style assistants: Dmitry Zolotov, Alena Zaytseva / instagram:
Make up and Hairstyling by Yekaterina Danilina, Amina Imieva / instagram:
Model: Into Niilo / instagram:
Model: Vlada Ivanova / instagram:
Model: Yegor Gavrin / instagram:
Model: Alexey Zuev / instagram:
Model: Igor Gareev / instagram:
Model: Victor Somov / instagram:
Location: LOFT 812 / instagram: