Description of an idea

Introducing fashion designer Inga Skripka. Photography by Rasa Nebasa. Model is Karolina Peciu. Styling and all fashion by Inga Skripka.

Did you see your historical grandma?

“In the times of the global and the digital, it is now more than ever that the question of ones own cultural identity arise. This is why trough this collection I am conveying possibilities of continuity and dissemination of tradition. Would the old customs work today? Can there be a synthesis? Is the new tradition more powerful and overcoming the old one? The collection is dedicated to the question more than to the answer, to ignite a discussion and allow viewers mind to wonder on the topic. Through this cultural hybridization, I am trying to put the focus on the often problematic relationship between customs and modernization.”

Photography by Rasa Nebasa / / Instagram: @ne_basa
Model is Karolina Peciu / Instagram: @k.peciu
Styling and all fashion by Inga Skripka / / Instagram: @ingaskripka