Desperate Vanda

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography and idea by Virginija Vaiciulyte. “The editorial “Desperate Vanda” was taken in Vilnius (Lithuania) with my dear friend Drag Queen – Vanda Saiko. We shot with 35 mm camera at her new apartment. It was fun, cute and so real. She wanted to show her “the real man” side, like working with tools and her “desperate housewife” side – like washing dishes and cleaning the floor. Lifeless serious – let’s be ourselves, enjoy life and have fun! Free from stereotypes!” Wig, hair by Rimvydas Klimas.


Photography and idea by Virginija Vaiciulyte / / Instagram: @virginijavaiciulyte
Model and Mua: Vanda Saiko / Instagram: @vanda_saiko
Wig/hair: Rimvydas Klimas / Instagram: @rimvi.mua


All clothes we used are from second hand