Digital Reality

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Anna Cottis. Makeup by Simonetta Tsapanou. The models are Alix and Liza Edward. “Exploring AI is like diving into a world of possibilities, where we try to understand and make the most of artificial intelligence’s capabilities. It’s a bit like navigating through a maze of codes and information, aiming to grasp its full potential. Just as using the right words is crucial in effective communication, knowing how to work with AI is essential to bringing our ideas to life. In our beauty shoot, we aimed to bring to life the captivating concepts we came up with through our interactions with AI.”

“This creative journey blends elements of digital surrealism with the world of fashion photography, modelling and posing, resulting in a unique fusion of artistic expression and technological innovation.

As AI grows, so does its influence on fashion and beauty. Will it enhance creativity or replace the human touch? Will AI redefine beauty standards? As we navigate this technological evolution, we ponder its implications on creativity, individuality, and the very essence of beauty. How we navigate this juncture will define the future of fashion and beauty, shaping perceptions of self and society.

We’re witnessing a shift in how we perceive ourselves and our place in the world. This technological evolution prompts us to reflect on what it means to be human. We are recognising the significance of empathy, ethics, collaboration among people and the impact of our creations on society. As we navigate this journey, we’re shaping not only the future of technology but also the evolution of our collective consciousness.

Text by Anna Cottis

Photography by Anna Cottis @anna_cottis
Makeup by Simonetta Tsapanou @simonettaart
Models are Alix @_littleschmitt_
Represented by @mihamodelmanagement
and Liza Edward @liza.edward
Represented by @mintartistmanagement