Digitalismo feat. Melanie Gaydos

Berlin-based photographer Tomas Eyzaguirre and international muse Melanie Gaydos created some magic with this series, in collaboration with several artists. Inspired by pointillism, impressionism, and other -isms, They mixed digital and analog photography, double exposure techniques, collages, AI interventions, and 3D interventions to create frames reminiscent of the old masters.

Digitalismo DIGITAL2
Digitalismo DIGITAL3
Digitalismo DIGITAL4

Digitalismo DIGITAL6
Digitalismo DIGITAL7
Digitalismo DIGITAL8
Digitalismo DIGITAL9
Digitalismo DIGITAL10
Digitalismo DIGITAL11
Digitalismo DIGITAL12
Digitalismo DIGITAL13

Photo and post Tomas Eyzaguirre @tomeyza
Muse Melani Gaydos @melaniegaydos
Styling Francisco Abasolo @f_abasolo
Make up Carolina Lazo @lazo_makeup
Set design Marcela Urivi @marcelaurivi
Graphic design @have_some_dignity

Digital artist
Koywe Kollage
– Mixed media collage artist – Instagram: @koywekollage
Ümüt Yildiz  – Gan Artist and teacher for creative Coding – Instagram: @uemuetyildiz
Stefan Gunnesch – Visual artist – Instagram: @stefan_gunnesch
Francisco Meneses – Works with Blender / Spark Ar / Modul8 / Mad Mapper – Instagram: @dmnc

1 & 2 .- Ümut with Ai intervention blended with digital photography by Tomeyza
3.- collages by Stefan Gunnesch
4.-Ümut with Ai
5 & 9.- analog 35mm by Tomeyza
6. Digital photography by Tomeyza
7 & 8.- analog doble exposure by Tomeyza
10, 11,12 &13.- 3D modelling by Francisco Meneses
14 &5. Analog collage with digital intervention by Koywe
Wardrobe provided by local avant-garde designers. Don Aretino, Namilia, UY, Raki, Elodie Carstensen, Försterling, Claudia Vitali, The publisher and Maison Lecken.