A KALTBLUT exclusive. Cyprus based photographer Stavros Christodoulou captured Christos Artemiou for us. Styling by Demosthenis Michael. Fashion Designer: Chris K, underwear by Calvin Klein. Grooming by Andreas Ektoras. Location: Limassol, Cyprus

Photographer: Stavros Christodoulou
“Based in Cyprus, I’ve been involved in photography for the last 5 years, shooting mostly fashion, portraits, fine art and artistic nudes. Several of my photos have been featured in the website of Vogue Italia, magazines such as Dark Beauty, Adon, DNA Australia, OhLaLa, Cool Korea, Cool Thailand and The Man and blogs such as Fashionably Male and Homotography. Three of my stories have already been featured in KALTBLUT Magazine.”

Instagram: @stavroschr

Facebook: www.facebook.com/stavroscphotography

Website: www.stavrosc.com

Tumblr: stavc.tumblr.com

Model: Christos Artemiou

Instagram: @chris_arte

Grooming: Andreas Ektoras

Instagram: @ektoras

Styling: Demosthenis Michael

Instagram: @demosthenismichael

Fashion Designer: Chris K

Instagram: @chrisk_fashiondesigner

Website: www.chrisk.eu

Location: Limassol, Cyprus